The Thought Collective

Written by Jessica-Lee

People are so fascinating. I enjoy deciphering them and their actions. I love people. But I also hate people. Or their actions.

Finding a true, honest and caring person is rare these days. Borderline impossible even. Most people are just out for themselves.

I am picky with my close friends. I know lots of people and generally have lots of friends but I keep most people at a distance to a degree. I just don’t feel the need. My best friend alone could be all the things any of these people could ever offer me.

I hate confrontation with people and arguing. I have a very guilty conscience. I am extremely stubborn. I value honesty even though it can hurt. I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe that the problems we face in every day life were dealt to us as a lesson and kind of as though we had to go through that in order to grow and so we can better handle future experiences. Sometimes I have immense trouble trying to vocally voice how I feel or an opinion I hold. Give me a pen and paper or a keyboard, though, and it will all just spill out in the exact way in which it was meant.

I have a big penchant for lovely, caring souls with big fluffy hearts. A person who instinctually puts others before themselves is someone to keep a hold of and cherish.

I have a number of people in my life who I like to think I’ve collected along the way. Here I am comparing my friends to jewellery again…. These people are ones that I want in my life forever. I think they are pretty special and I would fight to death for them. I may not see some of them all the time but doesn’t matter. Real friendship succeeds time.

I am pretty big on intuition and I get pretty strong signals the moment I meet someone. You also learn a lot about someones values and intentions when they are in difficult situations. Or situations where they are forced to make a choice.

I am extremely nostalgic and I cherish memories. I’m a big collector of anything that will bring back memories. Photos, text messages, letters, emails, gifts, perfume, travel books and souvenirs, jewellery, videos, journals, picture books, songs.

You get the drift.

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