The Awkward Moment One Of Your Gay Friends Wants To Have Sex With You

Written by Jessica-Lee

‘I think you are beautiful and I really want to kiss you.’

They are generally not the words you expect to come out of one of your gay friends mouth. And what was to follow was even more unexpected…

I’m not a prude and, of course, I’ve had drunken kisses with quite a few of my gay friends but this was different. In so many ways.

This guy actually meant it, was dead serious and wanted much more than just a kiss. A message sent a few months later confirmed that when he said he couldn’t stop thinking about me and had an erection because of it.

Now, excuse me for a moment while I explain something. Whilst I don’t lack self-confidence, I am the first to admit that I am not some stick-thin stunner. So having this gay guy declare his desire for me was a little overwhelming to say the least.

I was flattered, yes. Of course I was. He was a good looking guy! And there seemed to be no stopping him. On the very first night he bought it up, I declined. He then pleaded even more before saying he wanted to take me home with him. Needless to say, I made a beeline and went to my own home.

In the months to come, I received messages and emails from this guy basically declaring his lust for me. He asked me on dates, told me that making me laugh wasn’t the only thing he could do first thing in the morning and wanted to know EVERY little detail about my life.

I had refused, declined and tried to ignore his offers for a number of months. I finally gave up and kind of opened myself up to the idea. I mean, what was the harm in just seeing what happened?

All I can say is that was a big mistake on my part!

However this taught me that sometimes friendships can be formed with the worst intentions and for all the wrong reasons. And if something doesn’t feel right, it generally isn’t.

For the record, we never ended up having sex. A drunken pash may have occurred however!

4 thoughts on “The Awkward Moment One Of Your Gay Friends Wants To Have Sex With You

  1. themadgayman says:

    A lot of people have a hard time understanding sexuality. Being attracted mostly to bisexual guys (I don’t have a gaydar; I have a bi-dar), I came to find that people aren’t pole opposites. There aren’t just people who like girls and people who like guys. There’s people who like both and there’s people who want to fuck one and have a relationship with the other. Sexuality is fluid. Plus, it depends on the person someone is attracted to. I often jerked off about a good friend of mine from high school who happens to be a girl. But I think you did the right thing in denying this guy. It could’ve been attention; it could’ve been confusion. No point in jumping into it until you can talk about it rationally.

    PS- I give out an award every Thursday for amazing blogs. It’s called the MadGayMan Award. You guys are this week’s winner. CONGRATULATIONS! Tomorrow, there will be a post about you guys and why I think you both are awesome. *hugs*

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