A Stroke of Gay

Written by Mitchell

In my last post, I touched on the opportunity to just turn straight instantly, but today I wanted to highlight something I saw in a news article a few weeks ago.

The news article was about a rugby playing straight man, who suffered a stroke and woke up gay.

On his way home from playing squash with his brother, Chris did a forward roll down a hill (I’m assuming just for fun) and when he got to the bottom, he couldn’t get up. As it turned out, he had twisted his neck and cut off blood supply to his brain, thus causing him to have a stroke.

Chris was not the same person after this. He became distant from his friends because he had less in common with them, he wasn’t interested in cars or sports or any of his previous hobbies. He quit his job in a bank and started training to become a hairdresser. His family couldn’t understand what was going on, and I guess neither could he.

The biggest change of all though, is that even though he had grown up as a completely heterosexual man, he started developing feelings for other males, and no longer found females attractive. He had become homosexual.

I found this so fascinating, because it goes against everything that I believed about being born gay or born straight. I have no medical background or scientific evidence to base this on, but I always held the theory that being born with certain genes resulted in someone being gay or straight. However, what it does still suggest is that it must be a function that is controlled by the brain. When Chris had a stroke, the blood supply and oxygen was cut off to the part of his brain that controls sexual identity – and has ended up completely altering it.

If this guy is being 100% truthful, it raises some seriously interesting questions.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Chris started slowly changing from a straight chav into a flamboyant hairstylist. But don’t worry straight guys – I don’t think this is something that happens very often, so there’s no need to start making memory boxes yet.

Have a look at the videos below where Chris talks about his struggle to come to terms with his newfound identity:

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