About SoAffected.com

No two points of view complement each other more than that of a gay guy and his best gal pal.

It is a partnership that transcends any other in the social scene, workplace and sometimes even family.

This blog is a collaborative effort; with posts alternating between a gay guy, Mitchell, and his “fag hag”, Jessica-Lee.

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2 thoughts on “About SoAffected.com

  1. Sophie says:

    Love this post. As a fellow glorified hag, multiple times over, I really relate to Jae Elle’s post.
    I too have found myself getting in many fights about gay rights too, so I totally understand it all.

    Anyway, this is a great read and keep them coming! I wish there was a ‘Follow’ icon though.

  2. […] blog is called So Affected, and it’s a joint effort between a gay guy (Bee) and his fruit fly (Jae Elle). The two take […]

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