Flashing Lights, Thumping Music, Pounding Hearts and A Whole Lotta Drugs

Written by Jessica-Lee

It’s a scene I’m sure you’re all too familiar with. Pulsating lights moving to the beat of the music. Blinding strobe lights jumping all over the room. Smoke filling the air. And that smell. Oh that glorious smell. For me, it is the smell of smoke machines, Red Bull and Gucci by Gucci.

Yes I am talking about the good old playground that is your favourite nightclub. Bringing back any memories?

I have been going out to clubs ever since I was eighteen. Yes, I was a good girl who never dared to go out prior to being legal! And, in my seven years of going out, I have used drugs on occasion (gosh I hope my Nanna doesn’t read this!), been witness to people using drugs and have seen first-hand some of the consequences of using drugs.

Whilst drugs are big in all walks of life, I have always believed that they are even more popular within the gay community. According to a certain study, gay people are apparently three times more likely to use illegal drugs than straight people. Now, I don’t know or trust the accuracy of this statistic but in my experience, I believe it to warrant some level of truth. Whether we are talking recreational use or addiction, they are everywhere and I would like to bet that at least 90% of the people I know have tried some form of illegal drug.

Most of the people I know who dabble in drugs only do so recreationally. I have always been terrified of drug addiction. Not personally but for my loved ones. I often see people on the streets – homeless people, junkies, street kids, etc – and instantly feel nauseous and a deep sense of unsettledness. What would I do if this was one of my best friends… I ask myself so many questions but my main one is always ‘how does life get so bad?’

Yes, drugs are fun but they are often used as a way to escape pain and mask insecurities. However they generally only ever push your problems to the side temporarily and I can almost guarantee that they will only worsen.

I know a lot of people that feel as though they can’t go out and have fun without the help of illegal substances. It’s an addictive cycle that is extremely hard to get out of. It can be agony for some people to have the experience of using drugs and then stop next time they go out. The feelings achieved are unrivalled and sometimes you never see the world in the same way again.

I have been feeling a bit helpless lately. I have a very good friend – let’s call him Pearl – who has been hitting some substances a bit too hard. In my opinion. I am unsure whether he thinks it is a problem or not.

I fear this person is on a self-destructive path and I want to help them so much but it’s so hard to get in to some peoples heart without them shutting you off. Do I risk our friendship for the sake of trying to get him help?

Also, I am strongly of the belief that you can only help someone if they are willing to help themself. As a smoker, I know this first hand. No matter how many times someone tells you to give up or that it’s bad for you or that their family member has passed away from lung cancer… You have to want to do it yourself.

I have no issue with the use of drugs. What I do have an issue with is when it starts to ruin ones life.